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Art- HOA Docs
Clicking on most document links below will take you to the website where residents can log in and download a .PDF file to view or print out. The other documents are available for download from right here. The PDF files are viewable in the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows or in the Preview application found in Mac OS X.

"HOA" is the acronym for Home Owners Association.

There is some overlap between the CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Architectural Guidelines. These are the four sets of documents that we all abide by. It is the HOA Board's duty to uphold these documents and residents should expect that to be done. The CC&Rs and Bylaws are virtually impossible to change; the Rules and Architectural guidelines can and will be modified from time to time.

The documents below are something everyone should have read at least once just to be familiar with the do's and don'ts up here, also to know what their rights as members of the TOT Community Association are.
Rules and Regulations
The community "do's and don'ts" including home/lot rental, personal conduct & noise, animals, vehicles and parking, amenity usage, RV storage, trash collection, lot care, and more.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

New Resident Info
All new residents need to complete the 'New Resident Application' form and then return it to the Manager's Office which is located on Navajo adjacent to the Community Center.

Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines
Specs include everything from setback requirements to storage sheds to utility meters to contractor & sub-contractor requirements and more.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

Plant and Landscape Guide
In response to homeowners' inquiries, the ARCS committee has compiled sources to suggested guidelines for landscaping in our enchanted Santa Monica Mountains.

Home Exterior Color Palette
The TOT Color Palette has been developed to encourage homeowner individuality using local architectural styles as a guide while offering a sophisticated range of hues that compliment our community and canyon environs.

Swimming Pool/Spa Rules
Please take a look at the updated pool area rules before using the facility.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

Construction and New House Installation Guidelines
Information on what to do before construction, obtaining permits, site inspections, and unit staging.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

Architectural Change Form
If you are making changes to your existng home or property, you need to submit the following (as needed): plot plans, materials, colors, drawings or renderings of proposed changes, measurements, etc. These will vary depending on the proposed change. Prior to work being done, you may also need to notify neighbors if your change effects them (i.e. blocking a view, additions near a common lot line).

Modifications or additions that would require the Architectural Change Form include: extending a driveway, planting a tree, building a deck or pergola, adding a storage shed or walkway or fence, painting the home's exterior, etc.

This form is available by visiting the on site Manager's Office. To reach the office call (818) 346-9252. Hours are Monday- Friday 9:00- 5:00PM.

C C & Rs
The CC&Rs, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, are the governing documents of the community. All HOAs have a set. They are state approved documents adopted at the time of our conversion to condominium style ownership. They are legal binding documents that govern how things are run by the Association. They cover the description of land improvements, membership in the HOA, meetings of the HOA, voting rights, Board positions and duties, maintenance assessments, use restrictions, general provisions, utilities, destruction of improvements, suspensions of rights, breeches, bonds, and agreements and amendments between the seller and the buyer.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

Top O' Topanga Bylaws
The 2011 Fully Amended and Restated Bylaws of Top O' Topanga Community Association are just that, the governing documents of the Association and Board of Directors. It provides for meetings, members' voting rights, Board of Directors descriptions and duties, committees, and other misc. provisions.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

Top O' Topanga Emergency Plan
Guidelines and checklists for emergency preparedness.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

TOT Phone Alert Sign-up Form
Our Community has a mass communication phone program to alert residents in case of emergencies, utility outages/repairs, etc. in the Association. Residents included in the database are automatically dialed when a message is being broadcast. To be included, download/fill out this form and return to Lordon Management (details within form).

Customer Care Form
Please use the Customer Care Form whenever you need to report a problem or violation to management. Print it out, fill it in and drop it off at the manager's office. Use this form to tell us about anything you see that management needs to tend to be it a broken gas lamp, water standing in the street, dead plants on the slope, the pool needing to be cleaned, etc. You may also use it to let management know if someone is disturbing the peace and quiet up here, if you see parking violations, pets running free, vandalism, or anything that management should know about. All forms are kept confidential and will be acted upon by Lordon Management or the onsite manger, Greg.

Clubhouse/Event Application and Policies Info
Be sure you read and understand the Clubhouse/Event Policies Info before filing the rental application. We'd like to insure everyone enjoy their special events while respecting and causing minimal impact on the neighboring residents.
    (Click on the link to log in and download from the website.)

CPUC Gas Public Awareness Message
Public Awareness Message for Customers of Mobil home Park Natural Gas Master Meter Systems required by the California Public Utilities Code.
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